Riseria Baucero uses all the best techniques in the industrial process of transforming rice from raw to commercial to always provide the best level of quality for the final product.

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The “paddy” in turn makes a further separation of the semi-raw rice from the grains that still possess the husk, then sending them back to the defrost. A by-product of semi-raw rice consists of “green grain” (unripe or smaller grains), used especially in the livestock industry and obtained by calibration with special window sieves. The defrosting must be carried out so as not to fracture the rice.


The industrial process of transformation of raw rice into edible rice begins with the cleaning of the product from all kinds of impurities such as straw, stones, soil, foreign seeds, etc. This operation is carried out by a special machine called TARARA. We then proceed with the stripping. Through the sbramini, which remove by rubbing the siliceous flower bracts (called husks), we obtain what is commonly known as brown rice or raw seeds. This operation is very delicate as it must be carried out so as not to fracture the rice.


Bleaching consists in the removal of chaff, farinaccio and gem from husked rice using machines called bleachers. The operation of these machines is as follows: the rice is introduced into the interspace between the two concentric cones (the internal rotating one with an abrasive surface), of which the bleaching machine is composed; the husk is therefore removed, by rubbing, bud and chaff. With further steps, the farinaccio is also eliminated. At this point it is necessary to further separate the product obtained from the so-called “breakages” by means of honeycomb separators.

With optical separation there is a further refinement of rice based on the color of the beans: the rice reaches the examination of photoelectric cells, which identify the beans of a different color from the default standard. At this point, the stained beans are eliminated by means of an automatically operated compressed air blow.